How Might We…

Challenge: Depoliticize climate change

POV: Dairy farmer in Wisconsin, drives pick-up truck every day, livelihood based off of shipping dairy across the country, Trump supporter, does not really believe in climate change, certainly does not believe in global warming

How might we…

  • incorporate farmers as part of the solution?
  • phrase the problem so that it does not incorporate phrases like “climate change” or “global warming”?
  • make the issue so politicized that it is put to a vote?
  • be sure that climate change is indeed a threat?
  • make the issue communal rather than polarizing?
  • use the large amount of nonbelievers to our advantage?
  • make fighting climate change as nonpartisan as public schools or animal welfare
  • prove that climate change isn’t real?
  • make climate change economically beneficial?
  • fix the eating culture and expectations? fix driving culture? ensure that farmers still thrive? get Trump on our side? pick a phrase that people can believe in?

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