• Make gendered labor more desirable or socially acceptable to other gender(s)?
  • View unequal gender ratio as a positive thing?
  • Remove association of gender with gendered labor?
  • Shape conversation about gender & discrimination to be thoughtful, respectful, and natural, instead of contentious, annoying, and aggressive?
  • Bring in people currently outside the conversation?
  • Place gender in intersection with other aspects (e.g. race, ethnicity, religion, social class)?
  • Make perception/awareness of daily and social work more like professional work?


Addressing HMW…

  • Build support network for people in and working to be in fields of heavily-gendered labor
  • When describing work, separate out and describe skills to separate traits from associated gender
  • Establish community guideline (e.g. online community, physical space) for mutual-respect among members
  • Make a community/forum/blog for sharing personal stories and experiences instead of overgeneralized arguments
  • Create an online community without any gender indication and observe whether people’s interactions differ
  • (Campus-specific) During orientation week, include a module/workshop on communication and conflict management
  • Prompt conversation within existing, more homogenous groups (e.g. fraternity, sorority, support groups), and combine/expand conversation by merging groups, to compare similarities and differences across intersections of gender, race, ethnicity, social class, etc.
  • For existing groups, host open-events that invite friends, family, and colleagues of members to share conversation
  • Hold appreciation week campaign at work, home, social life, etc. respectively to reflect on and thank people who reach out to you first and have helped in overlooked ways

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