Challenge: Redesign how communities are engaged by the powers that typically strategize and implement their relief in hazard situations.


How might we…..


How might we engage the community and its needs before disaster even strikes?


How might we create means for better communication between governments and communities during disaster?


How might we help communities become better informed and better prepared before disaster strikes?


How might we create a communication pipeline so communities can be vocal during periods of disaster and recovery?


10-ish Divergent Ideas:


  1. Present the facts: HMW make clear the impacts that disaster have and may have on communities?
  2. Plan ahead: HMW organize communities to be continually participating in disaster preparedness, before, during and after an event?
  3. Existing infrastructure: How might we identify existing community infrastructure that can aid in dealing with disaster scenarios?
  4. Study the bad: HMW reflect on disasters that have already occurred to identify problems that need to be addressed before the next one strikes?
  5. Increase the minimum: HMW educate builders about the benefits of building beyond the code minimum?
  6. Introduce new practices: HMW begin to encourage communities to accept change and adopt new practices that allow them to be better prepared?
  7. Connect with others: HMW engage with other communities/cities/countries to share collective expertise in preparation for the next storm/event?
  8. Talk to me: HMW allow for continuous dialogue, allowing community needs to be transparent before, during, and after disasters?
  9. Human disasters: HMW identify vulnerable communities in order to strengthen them, and limit damage to those communities?”
  10. What do we have: HMW identify the existing resources we have, in order to better understand what we might need?
  11. Test: HMW Engage with communities and governing institutions to test new methods for resilience and preparedness?
  12. Call them out: How might we enable communities to voice their concerns when they feel they are being misrepresented or let down, especially in these disaster related scenarios?



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