Voters would like to but don’t know what the political parties stand for

I have been in charge of or part of our digital election coverage at TV 2 Denmark during several elections. And one piece of feedback that we keep getting is, that the voters are having a hard time figuring out what the political parties actually stand for and how they differ.

In Denmark we have a multiparty system with about 10 political parties that overlap a lot and tend to crowd around the center of the political spectrum and around certain topics like immigration. The many parties foster consensus and is thus different from example the US system, but the issue of opaque politics and diffuse agendas is probably applicable elsewhere.

Because being informed about the way the political parties and their candidates will take you country is the essence of making an informed decision when voting. And people tend to want to do that. It might even raise the (already high) election turnouts.

See network in full screen.

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