Climate change is one of the most serious issues facing the earth and its entire population. A recent UN report indicated that irreparable global damage could occur as soon as 2030 given the current trajectory. The potential risks include widespread drought, flooding, food shortages, and extinction of a variety of species. These issues will affect people around the globe, and is thus an issue that must be addressed quickly.

Currently there are a number of efforts underway to help find a solution for climate change. Those include initiatives around clean energy via wind, solar, and hydro; electric vehicles; low energy appliances; carbon removal; plastic bag bans; biodegradable containers; recycling and composting; etc. These efforts, however, are mostly taking place on a small scale, and the problem of climate change needs a large scale solution.

The main barrier in developing a truly impactful solution is that many people either don’t believe in climate change or simply don’t care enough to help fix it. In addition, climate change has become a politicized issue in the United States, causing many to simply fall within their party lines. I would like to explore ways to remove this barrier by first working to understand why people do not believe in or care about climate change, then proposing a solution to fix that.

My ecosystem map is attached here:

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