Passport + Feminisme

A regular passport as explained to a Martian:

  • A piece of paper – a mini booklet – that signifies where on Earth I was born, what nation-state I belong to and the legal privileges that comes with it.
  • Every time you enter a new country, you get a stamp in the passport thus creating a track record of all travel.
  • A standardized picture of me is in it along with my fingerprints and signature.
  • It is the only thing that will make people believe who I am no matter where in the world I am.
  • It allows me to travel across country borders but some passports are better than others. Singapore is #1, USA and Denmark share #2 and Kenya #58. Afghanistan is the worst. I can update it to let me stay longer than usual.
  • I have to buy it from my local government but it expires after a certain number of years. Usually ten.

A feminist passport would…

Take the form of a necklace, an armband, a watch or many other forms.

It is used for travelling but doubles as a safety device, that can call emergency responders and notify emergency contacts when triggered.

A location chip contains all the travel data and personal information needed for travelling. As the main goal is raising safety it will also contain emergency data i.e. contacts and blood type.

The necklace and and armbands can be triggered by yanking them apart in case of an emergency.

When triggered it sprays a mist of ID spray that is impossible to wash off but can be seen by using UV light to identify the attacker.

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