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Hi everyone,


I’m a third year master of architecture student. Being at MIT there has been constant discussion in regards to “Tech.” Similar, as someone in the architecture, and more broadly design, disciplines, the social consequences and potentials of our work have always been critical, and a topic of disciplinary discussion. In architecture we are always trying to consider “social space” and quite literally the spaces in which life and social exchanges happen. Architecture, when compared to many other disciplines, say tech or web based platforms, is very slow moving. It’s much harder to change what may be seen as “typical” or “standard” construction processes, and integration of new technologies is often slow. That being the case, there is still a degree of urgency in the need to rethink, innovate, and augment architectural strategies with the fast paced progression of “tech.” Spaces of the future, have at times been questions in both professional and academic settings for architectural production.  I think that architecture is a form of cultural production, and is inherent in the thinking of the physical “social space.” Thus I think it super interesting to consider technologies agency in architecture specifically, and in social space generally. I hope to begin to question both the new and ordinary in regards to tech and its potential consequences.

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