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Hi! My name is Kathy and I’m a junior at Harvard. I’m studying a mix of CS and ethnic studies, and am interested in intersections of art and critical studies of race, gender, class, and the like with emerging and existing technologies. I come to this class hoping to learn as much as I can about what the technology and social change space looks like, what work has been done in the field, and what work is possible and important to pursue. Coming into this course, I’ve been thinking about issues like predictive policing (“This is a Story about Nerds and Cops: PredPol and Algorithmic Policing” by Jackie Wang) and the vast wealth disparities driven by the tech industry (Elon Musk and Tesla in Reno, NV) and hope to orient my studies towards gaining the resources to navigate this kind of landscape and work towards undoing some of the very real harm that uncritical uses of technology can and has caused.

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