Zach and Bridgit’s Authoritarian Passport


When Zach and I began working on the authoritarian passport, we tried to start with a blank slate, do away with ideas of what a “passport” should be, and build up based upon the supposed priorities of an authoritarian government.

We determined that one of the priorities of an authoritarian passport would be surveillance. Why give citizens a closed book passport? Passports should be open and visible like a badge so citizens can be easily identified. Passports should also have gps tracking and eavesdropping capabilities. Citizens would be required to check in at an embassy upon arrival in a foreign country.

The second priority for an authoritarian passport is controlling access. Citizens would have restricted access to travel based upon their good or bad behavior. If a citizen had incidents of bad behavior, that would restrict their travel privileges and perhaps they wouldn’t be to travel at all. Passport badges would display the level of access a citizen currently possessed. Anyone could report bad behavior so citizens were always at risk of having their privileges revoked.

The results were pretty scary!

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