Kreg and Anne’s (attempted) Egalitarian Park

One of the key challenges in designing this pubic park was that we started realizing how hard it was to actually make design choices that were absolutely “egalitarian,” especially as we considered possible side effects and where the¬†funding would come from.¬† In our initial attempts, some characteristics we came up with were:

  • Accessible playgrounds (e.g., the round circle is a roundabout/merry-go-round that is level with the ground for wheelchair accessibility; the blue squiggle is an accessible slide, and then we had to think about the safety of the incline; accessible swings incorporated)
  • Needed to be easily reached via public transportation
  • Benches were long (without the dividers to keep people from sleeping on them)
  • Great lighting so the hours aren’t limited (as a lot of public parks have hours like ‘closed at dusk’)
  • An art wall along the walkway where members of the community visiting the park can contribute (Do we provide the markers/chalk/etc? If so, how do we keep them from being stolen/removed so everyone can continue to use them? What if people draw things that aren’t “egalitarian” messages?)

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