Part 2: Britney and Sean’s Individualistic Park

Our experience of translating the viewpoint we chose into an object wasn’t an extremely difficult one. In our design, we aimed to depict the exact opposite of how public parks are portrayed today. Public parks currently exist as democratic spaces of unity and inclusion. The ways by which we chose to eliminate this political feature (e.g. by including electrical outlets and single chairs) closely resembles how individualism exists amongst us today. Furthermore, the plots of grass surrounded and divided by hedges prevent people from interacting with each other and establishing connections. This promotes exclusion, which exists in our design.

Other politics that currently exist in public parks involve:

  • physical location: Some parks are constructed in places that are inaccessible for undesired people;
  • seating: Chairs and/or benches may be designed to prevent those who are homeless from being there;
  • and preservation: Parks in poorer areas may not be maintained as well or often as those in more expensive areas.

As innocent as they may seem, politics can clearly be found within current public parks. However, it is our hope that public parks be redesigned to fulfill the intent that we believe: to be spaces of healing and unity within our communities.

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