Structures of Change

When talking about change, we are considering ways in which to disrupt the status quo (entrenched ideology). The simplest way to disrupt the entrenched ideologies of the status quo is to conglomerate enough people with opposing ideological views to remove the dominant views from prominence. The problem with this type of change is not only that it alienates large swaths of the population, but also that it is short lived. Structurally, the conditions of a dominant ideology in competition with other ideologies are identical before and after these large-scale disruptions such as revolution, rebellion, or coup d’etat.


In order to make lasting change, we must address the structure of ideology and belief. Rather than satisfying ourselves with those who share our ideological frames, lasting change requires a commitment to listening and understanding each other. This change occurs not only when dominant ideologies are disrupted, but when the very hegemonic structure of dominant ideology is usurped by a conversational model promoting nuance and understanding.


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