Juan – Theory of Change

My theory of change is based on identifying pivotal moments of change and figuring out what the best way is to leverage individual and collective assets to get change to translate into well-being for communities I live and work in and care about. I think that understanding the economy and using markets as arenas for advancing social change, specially in local scales, will help my generation address inequality, by far the most pressing issue we face.

I think technology has a strong role in strengthening deliberation and enhancing public participation, never replacing it. However, I am aware that the prevalence of techno-solutionism is a tremendous challenge we must face. I come from a country that is slowly transitioning towards post-conflict and has very weak institutions. This has resulted in levels of skepticism and lack of trust which I try to mitigate but influences my work. I learn by listening and by asking questions, hoping that innovation will emerge from dialogue and interaction with communities at the margins.  My approach to knowledge creation has also positioned practice above theory, as I think experimentation and prototyping are essential in advancing change.

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