Beginning with the norms

My personal theory of change is usually rooted in norms. I often engage in a bottom-up approach to affect change from the individual rather than from the institution level. Creating change at the institutional level can often be a slow tedious process without many indicators of success. By creating change at the individual level, you can often observe immediate results. I reflect on my time working to integrate technology into public schools, and how i often felt greater successful when working directly with teachers and students rather than with administrators.

Over time, once enough classrooms had changed their practices, it was too noticeable for the administration to ignore. This is when I started to try to affect law and code changes. I found it was easier to discuss institutional change once the leaders of the institution were willing to meet you at the table. Beginning with the administrators would have been a lot more difficult since I would not have had the ability to point to the community as an example of how the change could meet their needs and expectations.

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